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Monday, September 11, 2017

I Don't Make This Stuff Up!

Being a novelist you might think that some of my posts sound like fiction. Some are but I always tell you when it's a short story or I'm promoting a book. This story is true and happened last week when Bob and I decided to get a little exercise at one of our favorite places, the CleMet Zoo. (By the way, the photos are of the new Asia Highlands exhibit under construction.)

We sort of have a route we take and we had just stopped by the medical center to see if any of the animals were getting a root canal or other procedure. There was nothing going on so we continued toward the bridge that goes over the creek and up to the tiger exhibit. There were several kids with their moms on the bridge running back and forth and looking in the water. As we started on to the bridge we heard the loud call of a monkey.

Hmmm, I thought. Is there a new exhibit nearby with a monkey in it? There are some changes going on at the zoo. New exhibits being started so it was possible. Most of the monkey and gorilla population though is way up on the top of the hill quite a ways from where we were.

As we passed the kids who were still a little excited and one of the moms Bob said to her, "I thought all the animals were in cages." He was being funny as she was trying to obviously gather her kids together to move on.

Her face pinked a bit and she said with a smile, "My son asked me to make one more monkey call."

"That was you?!" I said with amazement. "You could have fooled me!"

I'm not making this stuff up--but I am saving it in the file. It's sure to fit into a story somewhere.

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