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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Connecting To Iceland

If you live in the Cleveland area you no doubt heard the news that Iceland Air and WOW Air will soon (May of 2018) start flights out of Hopkins to Reykjavik, Iceland, and beyond. What a great opportunity for travelers who are looking for cheaper fares to Europe. Both airlines offer flights to many points in Europe from their base in Reykjavik. But I say why go on to Europe when you can have Iceland?

Our trip to Iceland in 2016 was amazing--so much so that with the new opportunity to fly direct from Cleveland we will seriously consider another trip. Last year we drove to Toronto to catch our flight to Iceland. It saved us $800 less gas money and it's just a five hour drive from our home without traffic. It took us eight hours getting home again because of the long line getting back into the US and then hitting rush hour traffic in Buffalo. It's only 20 minutes to Hopkins for us and usually we can avoid any traffic. Already I'm excited!

Iceland is a little pricey for food and lodging but it is an amazing place to visit. If you are at all interested in the Northern Lights, the best time to go is between September and March. Our trip was in early September and the lights were on! We missed the best night however as we were in flight and then the next night we were so tired we missed a second great night. Still, we did get to see them and experience the wonder.

Be aware though that if you go later than September you may be limited in your travel as the weather will turn on you and there will be many places that will close for the season. But the country is beautiful. We loved the food. The people were wonderful. Yes, I definitely see another trip in our future.

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