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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Caribbean Hurricane Season - Deals and Dangers

Harvey, Irma, Jose. Who is next? And where will they travel? It's been quite a season already and there are still a few weeks to go. We can easily see why there are deals to be had during the hurricane season in the Caribbean if you are willing to take the chance that a windy woman or malevolent man won't upset your plans with their bluster.

When Ivan hit the Cayman Islands a few years ago it was quite a shock. They were famous for dodging the hurricanes that usually passed to the north or south of them. It's that way with some of the other islands as well--at least during certain times of the hurricane season. I found an article on SmarterTravel that helped to explain why.

The water heats up and feeds the tropical storms that turn into hurricanes but it doesn't heat up all over the area at the same time. In June and July the Gulf of Mexico waters are warmer. In August and September, the  Northern Windward Islands (Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, etc.), Leeward Islands (U.S./British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Guadeloupe Islands, etc.), Greater Antilles (Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, etc.) are more likely to see storms build to hurricane strength from the warmer waters. In October and November, the western Caribbean and Southeastern U.S. are more likely to see a hurricane although I always thought the danger was pretty much over by the end of October.

If you are willing to take a chance on a trip to the Caribbean during the hurricane season you may just snag some really good deals. Cruise ships usually offer lower prices as do resorts in the area. Just be sure to read the fine print and if you are nervous and take out travel insurance but remember there's fine print to be had there as well. I can't speak for the resort areas but I know the cruise lines will change course and ports of call if there is the chance of being caught in a bad storm and especially a hurricane. While there have been horror stories of a few bad cruises those are the exception, not the rule.

While experiencing a hurricane is not a pleasant prospect there is usually enough time to get out of Dodge before it hits--unlike the tornadoes we experience in the Midwest that give little or no warning. Resorts and cruise lines want you back as soon as they can have you. There is sure to be compensation if your plans are blown away. (A friend was given full credit toward another cruise when Irma changed their vacation plans.)

You are not living dangerously by planning a trip to the Caribbean during hurricane season. Just be as cautious as you would crossing the street and look in all directions. And on some of those islands hit this year the tourist dollars are going to a welcome sight for their rebuilding.

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