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Monday, September 25, 2017

An Ice Cream Graveyard

Several years ago we did a road trip through the New England area to see the fall leaves in full color. It was a great trip and one stop we made was especially fun--the home of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in Waterbury, Vermont. There was a tour that explained their ice cream production and of course sampling.

What I don't remember is the graveyard. Perhaps it is something that has sprung from some innovative employee or marketer since our visit or the other logical explanation, I'm getting old. I found an article about it while surfing the net and while it might be more appropriate for a fun Halloween post, I decided to bring it to your attention now. After all, maybe you are in the midst of a fall foliage tour and could stop and check it out yourself.

The graveyard is both physical and virtual. It is the place where ice cream flavors are buried when they have passed away, out lived their tastiness. The dearly de-pinted, as they are referred to, are honored on gravestones that can be found in a graveyard just outside the factory. Each headstone has the name of the flavor, a cheeky poem and the years it was in production.

You can visit the virtual graveyard on the Ben & Jerry's website. There is a clever video of a funeral for a flavor and a list of 34 flavors that have passed into eternity--unless of course it gets enough votes to be resurrected.

One de-pinted flavor that caught my attention was Chocolate Comfort. Now how could anything chocolate pass away? Then I read the description. Chocolate truffle low fat ice cream swirled with white chocolate low fat ice cream. RIP! Low fat? White chocolate?

There are all sorts of links to interesting fun things like ideas for becoming your favorite ice cream flavor for Halloween. While it doesn't seem to involve eating it, I'm sure that it would help with the inspiration.

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