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Monday, September 04, 2017

The Guiding Night Light

We weren't quite half way through our 2015 World Cruise when Bob decided he couldn't cope with the bright light in the stateroom bathroom in the middle of the night. Those night time visits when nature calls were waking him up too much with the bright light when he flipped the switch. So when we reached one of the ports in Australia where there was a large flea market, he found the answer to his problem.

We couldn't get a regular night light because the bathroom outlet was only for electric shavers. But there sitting on one of the tables with a whole bunch of other gadgets was a battery powered motion sensored night light. He was so proud of himself for finding it. We bought it and a battery and hoped it would work. There was no coming back to return it but the price was somewhere around $12 if I remember correctly and we figured it was worth the gamble.

Back on the ship, Bob set up the night light and it worked like a charm. Enough light to see what you were doing in the bathroom. No more fumbling for where the switch was on the wall and no bright light flooding the stateroom before the bathroom visitor closed the door. More importantly, it didn't wake you up so much you couldn't get back to sleep.

That little gem has been tucked into our suitcase for every trip we take. We use it at home as well. Ours takes a 9v battery but I've seen some online that take AAAs. It's a great investment if you are someone who needs a bathroom break during the night. Check them out at Amazon or Walmart. Just enter a search for them. There are lots to choose from.

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