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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Would You Live In A Hole In A Rock?

While you may have visited a "hole in the wall" restaurant have you ever visited a "hole in the rock" house? If you are out in the Moab, Utah, area you might want to check out Hole N" The Rock, a 5,000 square foot home carved out of sandstone. For real!

Albert Christenden, originally from Sweden, worked in the uranium mines in America. Upon retiring from the mines he and his wife located to Moab, Utah, where Albert began creating a home--from the sandstone mountain. He and his faithful donkey, Harry, excavated 50,000 cubic feet of sandstone to create the living space. There are fourteen rooms that are heated by a large fireplace with a 65 foot chimney.

It took twelve years to create but was not completely finished when he died in 1957. His wife, Gladys, continued the work of finishing his dream. In order to survive she set up a restaurant and gift shop where she sold jewelry that she made. She died in 1974 and is buried with her husband at the site.

In addition to being able to see this unusual home, there is also a petting zoo with live animals (Harry passed on long ago and is mummified) and many of Albert's paintings and sculptures are on display as well as Gladys' doll collection.

Just another one of those stops to break up the monotony of a road trip. If you'd like to preview it before you put it on your itinerary check out the Hole N" The Rock website.

Happy trails!

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