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Thursday, May 24, 2018


According to the website, Glamping.com, the fusion of glamour and camping equals glamping and is catching on with those who don't want to do camping the old fashioned way. There are lots of places all over the world offering this luxury camping. I remember seeing opportunities to stay in fancy tents on African safari. For the record, we stayed in a very nice resort in a cabin.

I've never been into camping, at least not as an adult. As a teen a group of us girls would on occasion go to a nearby state park and camp overnight. There was nothing glamorous about that but it was fun at the time. Then we did try a couple of camping trips with the teen group from church that we led for a while. To our dismay we discovered what the canoe company meant by "primitive camping." I think that's where we finally drew the line and said our only camping would be done at the Holiday Inn.

And yet there are some beautiful ads that show lovely tents with wooden floors, some with rugs, pretty lights, even couches and of course a nice bed. All in the middle of the great outdoors. Tempting--maybe. And then maybe not. What say you?

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