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Thursday, May 03, 2018

The Fun Side of Mud

Spring rains always brought agony when the kids were young and we had a dog. Mud was constantly tracked into the house one way or another. Between trying to check that the kids had left shoes in our mud room (an aptly named entryway off our garage) and wiping the dog's feet (which never seemed to get absolutely clean). It drove me to drink! Luckily my drink was coffee.

Now I discover that there is a new sport called mudding. Apparently the generation of kids who grew up with "Take your muddy shoes off!" are taking to prepared mud pits and having the time of their life running their trucks and ATVs through the mud. And if that's not enough fun they get down into the pits themselves and toss globs of mud at each other--literal mud slinging!

How do I know this? I got the lowdown from my hairdresser. Yup. What better source for information. It started with a simple question, what are your plans for the nice weekend coming up? I shared mine which, by the way, was a lot less messy and she shared her excitement of making the trip with her boyfriend to Yankee Lake in eastern Ohio just this side of the PA border.

I tried not to shudder as she talked about previous forays into the pits and what fun they'd had. No matter how much I tried to imagine myself doing that, I could not. It just goes to show that one person's idea of fun may not be the other person's fun day.

I ventured one question when she was done. "Is there some place to clean up?"

"Oh yes," she said. "There are hoses to clean up with."

So, if your idea of fun is to slosh in the mud with others of the same mind, you might want to check out Yankee Lake or search for a spot near you. I'm sure there is more than this one muddy spot to enjoy. Search for mud bogging, mud racing, mud drags or my favorite, mudding. And yes, you can be a spectator at some places. Now that might be interesting.

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