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Friday, May 04, 2018

Nature Trips vs. City Trips

As I write this I am sitting at our kitchen table which is in an area of our kitchen that is surrounded by windows that look out on our backyard. It almost has the feeling of being outdoors and I can enjoy the birds, the small lake in our neighbor's backyard, and a slew of other sometimes unexpected things like the red fox that ran through our backyard yesterday.

Now we aren't located in the middle of the countryside. As a matter of fact, when the windows are open, I not only hear the chirps and songs of birds but the occasional motor cycle and truck gears changing on the main road not far away. You might say our spot is a blend of nature and city.

When it comes to travel though I would prefer a nature trip to a city trip. There are lots of things to be done in a city, museums, restaurants, shows, historical landmarks, etc., but if I really want to refresh and reset, a trip into a natural area is so much better.

There are lots of reasons to get into nature if you truly want a vacation (or as the Europeans put it, a holiday). And if you are looking to restart your creativity, attention span, or reset attitudes, there are studies that say a trip into nature is the way to go.

Sunlight and fresh air are good for you and who knows, you might just be able to jump start a fitness routine as well along those nature trails. Or you might just want to improve your mood and relax near a babbling brook or the seashore where you can listen to the gentle sounds of water.

Have I spiked your enthusiasm yet? I'm headed for the zoo today. It may be a little busy with people but it is relaxing to watch the animals, stroll with my husband along the trails and soak in the sunshine that has finally arrived. Oh, and by the way, while writing this a cute little opossum just crossed our yard and headed to the creek for a drink. Nature, gotta love it!

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