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Friday, May 11, 2018

Thank You Carol Burnett

I love to laugh. At the very least I love things, situations and especially people who bring a smile to my face. This Wednesday night we were able to go to a personal appearance of Carol Burnett and spend an evening laughing and enjoying the wonderful portfolio of her work and life in comedy.

After reading her book, In Such Good Company, and posting about it, a few days later I caught the announcement that she was coming to the Connor Palace in Cleveland. It didn't take any convincing to get my husband to run to the computer and order tickets. He's a fan too and one of the best of the people in my life that make me laugh and smile.

The format of her appearance on stage was the Q&A that she always started her show with. People in the audience were able to ask questions and as in her show, some of them were tender and others were really funny. Even at her age (let's just say she's older than I am) she is quick witted and sharp not to mention inventive and creative with her humor. And it's so refreshing to find a performer with clean humor.

She brought along some of her favorite clips and told many of the stories that are also in her book but just like when it's family and the old stories are retold, we all laughed again.

Thank you Carol Burnett for the evening, for the laughs, for the years of making us smile.

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