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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My Phone Was Lost/Stolen!

In the blink of an eye it can happen. My daughter in law set her phone down for a second on the checkout counter at Toys R Us one Christmas season and turned her head for a moment to say something to my son. When she turned back, the phone was gone. No one claimed to have seen it disappear. Suspiciously a few days later there was a phone very much like hers on eBay.

While my brother in law didn't lose a phone, his iPad was picked out of his backpack in the middle of Venice, Italy. Gone in a second in a crowd of people. Several weeks later back home someone emailed him (he'd left a sticker on the back of the iPad with his email address in case he lost his iPad) and asked for his password so they could unlock the iPad. The person complained that they had purchased the device and couldn't get it unlocked.

There is a good article on SmarterTravel about what to do if your phone is stolen or lost while you are traveling. Traveling or not, it would be worth a read through if you don't have a clue about being able to lock or erase your phone so your information can't be used--especially if you have Apple Pay or another app for paying for things on it.

Whatever you do, keep that phone (and iPad) in a secure place on your person. Guard it as you would your wallet. It only takes a second and it's gone.

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