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Friday, March 01, 2019

Our Introduction To Cuban Coffee

In southern Florida, you can't go anywhere without seeing the signs, "Cuban Coffee". I always wanted to try it but was reluctant. Neither Bob or I like espresso and I assumed it was like an espresso. When my youngest son, a non-coffee drinker, returned from a visit with his older brother in Miami and said he had enjoyed having Cuban coffee--twice, I knew I had to try it.

Just south of where we are for the season, there is a cafe we pass on our way home from the grocery store that has a sign outside advertising the Cuban coffee. The other day we finally stopped and tried it. Bob got the plain Cuban coffee and I got the Cafe con leche. We sat down at one of the tables and blew across the hot liquids, then took a sip.

Bob kind of frowned. The Cuban was espresso-like but not exactly as strong and bitter tasting. While I understand that somehow in the process of brewing, there is a kind of sugar added but yet the coffee/espresso is not sweet-tasting. It wasn't bad but not our favorite.

My cafe con leche was a favorite though. It's a little like a latte but doesn't seem to have as much milk. It's nice and sweet and has a wonderfully mellow flavor. On our next pass, we stopped and ordered two of these and enjoyed them once again.

If you are in the Miami area, you need to try it. There is a large Cuban community in southern Florida and some great food to explore as well as the coffee.

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