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Friday, March 15, 2019

The Green Flash At Sunset

When people first hear the term "green flash" as it refers to the sunset, they tend to be disbelievers. Actually it takes a little experience to finally see the green flash because most people don't understand that the flash is not like fireworks or even a flash camera going off. It is just a small dot of green color that lasts for a second or two before the last of the sun sets into the horizon. The short time that it lasts is why it is called a flash.

Seeing the green flash, which is the refraction of light when the sun is low in the sky, is easiest if you are viewing a sunset over water and you are at sea level. When there is nothing but water on the horizon the green spot, if the conditions are right, will be very clear.

Scored another great picture the second night!
As I was researching the scientific reasons for the green flash, I found that it can also be seen at sunrise. More people are likely to watch a sunset than a sunrise though and in Florida, sunsets are a great social activity. If you've ever been to Key West and gone to Mallory Square for the sunset you will find a festival every night.

With my new camera, I was fooling around taking pictures of the sunset the other night and I actually caught the flash of green. It's a little difficult to see since it's such a small dot but it's there. Proof. Finally. There is a green flash.

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