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Friday, March 29, 2019

Solving The Ear Pops While Flying

Pressure changes as a plane takes off and lands are sometimes very annoying or even painful for some people. It has never been a real problem for me unless I have a slight cold but who hasn't heard a young child complaining loudly when it happens, unable to understand?

Adults and older children can chew gum and that helps. Holding your nose and keeping your mouth closed while you try to exhale will usually clear the pressure as well. For the really little ones, it's a good idea to have a small bottle ready for them. I know you can't get liquids through TSA but you can mix formula or find some juice once you are through security. If they are sucking on the bottle, it will help to clear the pressure in their ears.

There is another old trick and I've seen a flight attendant use this for a child. You take two styrofoam cups, put a tissue in each and wet them with warm water. You hold them to your ears and you can get some relief from the pressure.

Of course now I find that there is also a product that will help. It's called EarPlanes. They are earplugs that are specially made to ease the pressure in your ears, gradually adjusting it to the new altitude. I have no idea if they work but apparently the product has been around for 25 years. (Where have I been?) There is also a smaller version for children but I didn't find a lot of reviews to say how the child sized plugs work. Adults seemed to really like them but I'm guessing a child might object to plugs in their ears. Best bet is to check with your pediatrician to see what they suggest.

Happy flying!

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