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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Put The Phone Down!! You're Cruising!

Okay, so maybe talking about cruising will help me through my cruise withdrawal symptoms. Or not.

Recently at one of our Florida sunset times, we were discussing the use of cell phones and the cost of phone calls at sea or while traveling. We've had a few calls come through from our son who is developmentally handicapped and sometimes doesn't remember that we are traveling. The other kids have no excuse *smile*. Depending upon where you are and who the carrier is, the charges can be anywhere from around $2 to $10 per minute. So, I ask you, how important is that cell phone to you and can you cut the umbilical?

If you just gotta have that device for your mental stability or whatever, the first thing you want to do is turn off your data roaming. That will save you a ton of unintentional charges.

Connect to the ship's WiFi if you need to stay in touch with the outside world. Download your messages to your computer or phone and then disconnect so you will not use up all your minutes just by scrolling through and reading. If you must download something, then reconnect, download and disconnect again.

Another good way to keep from using internet minutes or getting stung with charges from unintentional use is to keep your phone in airplane mode until you need to use it.

Incoming texts are hard to control but will not cost you as much as phone calls. Texts usually cost around 50 cents a piece sending or receiving unless you have a good data plan. And that's my next suggestion.

If you really must have that phone ready at all times, check with your carrier for the best kind of international rate. That still may not help you at sea but at least when your feet touch solid ground at a port, you might get a better rate.

All in all, except for an emergency, do you really need that cell phone while you cruise? Put the phone down and enjoy the activity and the scenery and the people around you. It may take a day for the withdrawal symptoms to recede but you'll come home a lot more relaxed.

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