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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Birds, Birds, Birds

 Whenever we have the Florida grands stay with us a few days we make a visit to the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary just down the road a bit from the condo. The younger girls especially like going there to see the birds that have been rescued. 

There are lots of owls, some hawks, a couple of turkey vultures, pelicans and some smaller birds as well.

The girls got excited when one of the crows seemed to mimic their "Hi!" They tried "Bye" as well and it sounded quite the same.

One of my favorite birds is the black necked stilt. The bird is black and white and walks on legs that are as thin as toothpicks. I say it is a favorite because in looking at pictures of previous visits, I always have one of the same bird. I can tell it's the same because he has a broken wing that apparently cannot be fixed.

We stood and watched a new addition we hadn't seen before or else it never poked its head out. It was a screech owl, a very small one so we weren't sure if maybe it wasn't a young one. It stared at us and just kept blinking. Once in a while it made a funny noise that was kind of a hoarse throaty sound. Not exactly a screech. It almost looked unreal though, as if it were a mechanical owl.

At the empty broad winged hawk cage that had a sign "Away on Vacation" posted on the door, we pondered where a broad winged hawk would to on vacation. Certainly not north, I hope.

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