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Sunday, January 08, 2023

Road Trip--Cruise--Key Largo

 After finding our way around the I 26 accident, we thought it would be smooth sailing. That was not to be. We ended up in stop and go traffic on I 95 heading into Georgia. We finally found an exit where there was a road that ran parallel to I 95 and took the back road. We were on route 17 heading south and would connect again with I 95 just as we entered Florida. Yay! The traffic was much less and the scenery much better but we had added three hours on to our day's drive. We would be late for our reservation at the nice French restaurant, Le Clos, in Fernandina Beach.

Bob called and explained our situation. We weren't going to get there until 6:30 at best. It turned out that something had gone wrong with the reservation he made online and we didn't have one. That would have been disappointing in itself added to a long day in the car. 

We finally arrived in Fernandina Beach around 7 (too late for my first Florida sunset over the water), checked in and rushed off to a second choice restaurant we knew would be open. The Salty Pelican is a bit noisy but we were seated before long and enjoyed a light dinner. Not long after we collapsed in bed for the night.

A good Hampton Inn breakfast, followed by our favorite McDonald's coffee and we were on the road again and yes, wondering if the I 95 traffic was going to continue to slow us down. Thankfully it wasn't bad at all and we were early enough that we managed to meet with our kids in Cutler Bay and have our Christmas with them. 

After dinner and a little UNO, we headed for our hotel in Fort Lauderdale where we would stay the night before starting our cruise the next day. We were definitely ready to cruise.

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