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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Road Trip--Cruise--Key Largo

 Our first full cruise day was a day at sea. A good chance to relax and take in the beautiful sunshine, warm weather and sea air. We enjoyed breakfast in the main dining room and our mile around the Promenade Deck. 

The morning had several activities including a talk about the two ports we would stop in. We knew about the private island, Half Moon Cay. It was one of the reasons we hadn't cancelled this cruise when we cancelled the 2024 World Cruise. We love that island and it's beach. We were warned however that it could be a bit crowded since another HAL ship would be there with us. Our clam shell (a canvas shelter from the sun with two loungers) was already booked.

The most interesting part of the excursions talk was about Amber Cove which was a new port for us. If anyone has ever been to Grand Turk, you'll understand what is meant by a "cruise port". It is a port actually built by and for the cruise lines. Grand Turk has a little shopping village and a Margaritaville bar and restaurant with a huge pool. It also has a nice little beach. We expected this would be very much the same.

Then the excursion speaker got to the actual excursions you could book. Because we had some onboard credit, we had already booked an excursion to MonkeyLand. While he didn't give a lot of detail, he did indicate that we were in for a real treat on this one. The picture showed someone with a monkey on each shoulder and one on his head. Note to self: Wear a hat.

Our dinner was at the specialty restaurant, The Pinnacle, and we enjoyed filet mignon and all the fixings. It has been our experience that sometimes when you order decaf coffee after dinner, either the pots get mixed up or the waiter does especially if they are really busy. We're old. Caffeine keeps us awake at night. To remedy this, we skip dessert in the dining room and go up to the Lido buffet and get our own coffee and dessert. It hasn't failed us yet and often we get to see a nice sunset from that top deck.

Maybe this night we should have had caffeine. We were too late from dinner to catch the seven o'clock show in the Main Stage so we sat and listened a bit to the two pianos and singers in the Billboards venue. By the time nine o'clock came, we were too tired to make it to the show that featured a male quartet. I think our road trip adventure had caught up to us and the leisure of the day had relaxed us. We headed for bed.

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