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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Road Trip--Cruise--Key Largo

 When our five day cruise aboard the Zuiderdam was booked, we thought we had open seating where we would have to make reservations each night for the time we wanted to eat in the Main Dining Room. Bob, proactive guy that he is, had already booked several nights for 5:30. We showed up at the reservation desk at 5:30 and the hostess looked at us, smiled sweetly, and said, "Your reservations are at 5 each night upstairs. I'm sure your waiter is waiting for you."

Sure enough on our seapass cards (the cards that are your room key and your way to make onboard charges) it was printed, "early dining at 5 table 27." It actually worked out very well. We wanted a table for two and that was what was arranged. 

We had a lovely dinner of jerk pork tenderloin (the EXC special) along with Caesar salad and enjoyed the service of our waiter.

The night's entertainment in the Main Stage was a historical lecture with slides of the history of Holland America Line which we'd heard in March so we opted to listen to the dance band that was performing and then went onto something new, The Rolling Stones Lounge, where there was a group playing and singing music from several decades. The only problem was the volume. Way too loud even for these old ears. Note to self: don't forget the earplugs.

We returned to our room to find it all ready for us to climb into bed. It's so nice to come in from the evening and find the lights dimmed and the bed ready for entry. It was a good night.

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