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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Road Trip--Cruise--Key Largo

 After spending New Year's Day at sea, we arrived at our favorite private island, Half Moon Cay. It is a beautiful crescent shaped beach that faces tranquil turquoise Caribbean waters on a perfect day and this day was perfect. 

Bob is a bit sensitive about sitting in the sun so we had reserved a clam shell which looks much like sound of its name--like one half of an open clam. It does a great job offering shade and comes with two lounge chairs. We took the nice big tender that the island uses to transport passengers to the beach. There's a dock and a little "town" area where you exit and walk through to the beach. The area has a few shops and refreshment areas.

We found our favorite spot on the beach which is near a large pirate ship structure where drinks and some snacks are sold and found a clam shell. Bob went to where you had to check in to say you were there for the shell. Usually someone hustles over and sets it up but that's not much more that pulling the canvas up and setting the plastic pole in place. Bob handled it. We dumped sand off of the loungers and settled in.

A little reading, a little swimming (for me) and a nice refreshing drink before lunchtime. Lunch was at the large food area where they barbecue hamburgers, hot dogs, beef ribs and a slew of other things to go with them. Since there was another ship there as well it was a little crowded but not so much that you couldn't get your food in reasonable time and find a place at a picnic table under one of the small shelters to eat. 

We got back to our clam shell and took a little walk along the beach. One more little dip in the water for me and we headed back to the ship. Half a day on a beach is plenty for us and the day had been perfect--our last day of the cruise.

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