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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Diving Grand Cayman--Day 1

When we changed our usual dive trip from August to May, we were a little concerned about the weather but so far it looks good. There are scattered rain showers but they are usually only in small batches and don't last long. The seas are very calm and as always down here, the visibility in the water is great!

On our first dive, Bob spotted a little arrow crab. They appear so fragile and yet they survive the depths. It looks like a spider and folds up like a tripod when it needs to. We also say a spotted eel out of his hideaway and free swimming--an unusual situation to catch one in. Bob took video but no stills.

The second dive was at Grouper's Grotto. This area has large cavernous areas you can swim through if you don't mind sharing space with the large tarpin that roam in herds through there. They are fun to watch. Nothing seems to ruffle them and they swim right next to you. The first time we dove here yearsa ago, the silver sides (bait fish) were so thick it was like swimming through a silver cloud. There was a small group of them today but nothing like that initial experience. We did find a large lobster. It must have been a morning for going out of your hole for a stroll. Like the eel, this guy was out for a little exercise but eventually jetted himself back into a hole when he was done posing for pictures.

All-in-all a good morning diving. Hopefully the rain will pass over us quickly after lunch and we'll spend a little time snoozing on the beach. It's a tough life. . .

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