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Friday, May 08, 2009

That's Life with Robin Swoboda

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that Friday I visited the set of That's Life With Robin Swoboda at WJW TV 8 in Cleveland. Initially, I had agreed to go with my friend and coauthor of Scrapbook, Trish Berg, to carry her bags and give her smiles of encouragement while Robin Swoboda interviewed her about simplifying motherhood--something Trish talks about in her book Rattled. I ended up in the audience and on TV! It was a terrific time.
Robin Swoboda and crew are a bundle of energy and a delight. The hospitality extended the members of the audience is unbelievable considering all the staging and direction going on to keep the show rolling smoothly. Trish did a great job with her interview at the end of the show but meanwhile I ended up with a five second interview of my own (I told her I was guilty of expelling my kids from the car and making them walk home when they got out of control) as well as becoming part of a group of moms making picture frames in a craft segment.

My TV "career" has spanned quite a few decades. You might remember my appearance on 100 Huntley Street Full Circle. Well, that wasn't the first time I was interviewed on TV. Back in the 1950s, Uncle Jake (Gene Carroll) on WEWS asked me what was in the little purse my mother had made me take to the show as part of the outfit she'd dressed me in.

"Flys for my daddy," was my answer. The interview continued and apparently, as my mother always told the story, I told Uncle Jake that I had to catch flys for my daddy to go fishing with and I kept them in my purse.

I don't think I was quite as cute on Friday but I certainly enjoyed being at the show. In Oprah-like fashion, Robin gave out quite a few gifts and my Mother's Day was enhanced with flowers, gift certificates and hand lotion. What fun! If you'd like to be a part of the Counter Crew (the audience) click here for more info.

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