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Friday, May 01, 2009

Books for the Road -- The Choice

Nobody writes a romance like Nicholas Sparks. The Choice is another of his wonderful reads. Sparks begins with a teaser prologue followed by the telling of the love story of Gabby and Travis who happen to be neighbors. Travis is a vet who worms his way into Gabby's heart when he helps her with her pregnant dog. Gabby tries not to fall in love with him since she already has a boyfriend who she feels will eventually ask her to marry him. When you are fully involved in their story, Sparks follows it up with the heartrending tale of a life or death choice that Travis needs to make.

Okay, so this is two tissue alerts in a row but a Nicholas Sparks' story rarely leaves you dry-eyed. Some other good reads of his are: Message in a Bottle (good movie, too), Two Weeks with my Brother (non-fiction), True Believer, The Rescue, The Guardian, and my very favorite, The Notebook (also a good movie).

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