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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grand Cayman--Wedding and Church

Yesterday we had a balcony seat for a wedding on the beach at the Reef Resort. It was all done quite smoothly and elegantly despite the other resort guests running around in bathing suits and snorkel gear. By the time the wedding guests were seated, everyone had pretty much cleared out of the area and took back seats or like us watched from their balconies. The bride and groom were a handsome couple. She walked barefooted down the "aisle" bordered by conch shells while a violinist played softly. Her father gave her away, they said their vows, and everyone--wedding guest or not, applauded the couple. Afterwards, champagne toasts to the sounds of a steel drum celebrated the union.
Steel drums were a part of our church service this morning at First Baptist Church near Georgetown. This is a large church on the island where we have attended when we are here on Sundays. It's a beautiful sanctuary inside with colorful stained glass windows place high near the vaulted ceiling. Today was a special day in the life of this church. This past week they made the last payment on their $6 million loan to build the facility they are in. They are debt free and already looking to the next work God has in store for them. Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile spoke on the importance of seeking wisdom rather than wealth. It is always a joy to visit with other Christians and worship together.

Sunday dinner was at the buffet at Portofino's. They feature some local dishes as well as a variety of other menu items. I tried the jerk ribs this time. My mouth is still tingling. Here is a picture of the water today as we looked out from our table on the balcony at Portofino's. With such scenery, is it any wonder we keep coming back to this island paradise?


Courtney Platt said...

Your blog page is amazing! I found it using Google's alert function and the words, "Cayman picture". I am the photographer in the bottom right edge of your picture, with the honors of shooting this beautiful little destination wedding for the lucky couple. You made a nice frame and your comments are sweet as well. May I put you in touch with them in case you would like to send them your photo? You can see more of their wedding at my blog:


Coincidentally, I also attend at First Baptist Church and heard Pastor Thabiti speak about biblical wisdom. We are so blessed to have him leading our fellowship! I'm glad you enjoyed the service and your stay here.

God bless you with ever growing wisdom, Courtney Platt

Wandering Writer said...

What a pleasant surprise, Courtney. I was amazed at you running through all that sand to get your shots. That must have been quite a work out. It was a beautiful wedding and I'll bet you got some terrific shots. I'd be happy to share what I took although the one I posted was probably the best. Please pass along my blogsite address and they can contact me through the profile page if they would like the pictures.

God Bless.

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