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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Books for the Road--Seatbelt Suspense

“Ever hear the dead knocking?” Now if that isn't an invitation to goosebumps I don't know what is. Dark Pursuit is a classic Collins' suspense novel. Brandilyn Collins' trademark of Seatbelt Suspense holds true to this serial murder mystery.

Kaitlan Sering must protect herself and her grandfather, suspense writer, Darrell Brooke, from a crazed serial killer she suspects is the very man she's fallen in love with. Somehow, Brooke must help his granddaughter snare this maniac but the question is, can he still think clearly enough to set a complicated plot after the auto accident robbed him of his acute mental skills?

Collins, as always, gets inside the killer's psyche. She never fails to send chills up a spine. I honestly don't know how she sleeps at night after writing her chilling psychological notes from her killers.

This latest adventure we are on has been a three-book trip so far. I expect by the time we're home it will have escalated to four or five books read. Thank goodness for my Sony e-book. I didn't have to find space for five books and I have enough downloaded to read a sixth should time allow.

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