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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Titanic Survivor Still Lives

My Yahoo news blurb came up with the interesting tidbit that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are contributing to a fund set up to help out the last survivor of the Titanic disaster. Millvina Dean was only nine weeks old when her family set out on the "unsinkable ship." Her father died in the disaster after putting his wife and two children in a lifeboat.

Ms. Dean's mother moved back to Southampton from New York where Ms. Dean still lives in a nursing home there. She has run across difficult financial times and has been forced to sell a lot of her memorabilia from the Titanic. An Irish author, Don Mullan, has been instrumental in setting up a special fund for others to help out with the 96 year old's bills for the nursing home.

While on a transatlantic cruise on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 last year, we happened to pass over the Titanic on the anniversary of her sinking. There was a memorable ceremony as the QM2 slowed down and placed a wreath over the spot. Commodore Ronald Warwick, former captain of the QM2 was lecturing on that cruise and said of the Titanic's misfortune, that while the tragedy was horrific, the good that came from it in the safety regulations put forth at sea are immeasurable.

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