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Monday, January 25, 2010

Books for the Road - Going Rogue: An American LIfe

" There were times when I thought, You know what I could really use? A wife."

I've always liked Sarah Palin but when she used the line I always use under pressure to get things done, I felt like I knew her. In her book, Going Rogue: An American Life, Palin's character, spunk, and approach to life as well as politics shows through in an engaging story of how she started her career and found herself as governor and candidate for Vice President of the United States.
The book's politics are tempered with stories of family and faith. Palin's story portrays a well-rounded individual who weaves her roles as wife and mother into her career. While some of the political stories are a bit defensive, who can blame her? She was targeted in many unfair ways that had nothing to do with her political views but more often with issues that related to her personally and often involved her family. As a mother, I would have snarled like a pit bull too.

Lynn Vincent who helped "in getting the words on paper," did a great job of letting Palin's voice come through. The book is worth reading for the story of one woman's quest to get some honesty in politics and bring it back to the people. She is a historical figure now, but one I am sure will not left behind. Sarah Palin has much more to give.

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