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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Should There Be A Change In Cabin Pressure. . .

Anyone who has ever flown has heard those always repeated words, “Should there be a change in cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling above you.” We heard them again on our flight to Fort Lauderdale last week. Only this time my overactive imagination took hold.

You see we had just paid $15/bag in order to assure that we would have clothes to wear on our trip. While our snack and a pair of earphones were “free,” if you wanted to take advantage of the little video screens in the backs of the seats, you had to pay $6 which you did by swiping your credit card through a slot right next to the screen.

On other flights, we have found that if we wanted to eat anything, we had to pay for it. While their entertainment may have been free, if you wanted to hear the audio, you needed to purchase a set of earphones. We even had to purchase a cup of coffee on one flight for $1 but it came with a refill which I shared with Bob.

Imagine if you would what could happen if ALL the little extras on a plane begin to incur charges. Take that credit card to the restroom if you want to use the facilities. Seatbelt? Just swipe your card and you will be able to buckle up. Need to evacuate the plane? Swipe your card upon exit and you can ride the slide.

So the next time you hear “Should there be a change in cabin pressure. . .” be thankful the next instruction isn’t “Swipe your card to begin the flow of oxygen.”

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