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Friday, January 29, 2010

Cruise Comment Cards--They Really Read Them!

We have taken 41 cruises over the last 20 years and at the end of each cruise, we always fill out the comment card that comes to our stateroom the next to last day. Throughout the days onboard ship, passengers are often reminded that these cards are important to the crew members and often determine whether or not they are promoted. Since they are always a computerized sheet reminiscent of an ACT answer sheet, I had no doubt that they were run through a computer and scored. I did doubt that any of the written comments were read. . .until today.

On our last cruise on the Celebrity Equinox, we had two Sundays at sea and there was no interdenominational worship service. There was a Catholic Mass on Saturday evening but nothing on Sunday for those of us who were not of the Catholic faith. Some of the nicest worship services we have experienced have been aboard cruise ships joining together with those of other walks of faith and from a variety of countries and cultures. Somehow it was spiritually uniting to come together and find a common bond of worship.

When we received our comment card, I wrote in the space provided that I had appreciated several of the servers we had in the restaurant and mentioned them by name. Then I went on to express our disappointment over not having the worship services. I ended by saying how we were pleased with the extra care the crew took to keep sanitizing the ship for our safety when the Noro virus was present.

Today, I answered the phone to discover a representative from the Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruise Line on the other end thanking me for the comments and wondering if there was anything else I might have been displeased with beside the lack of worship services. They had actually read the comments! Now that brings a whole new perspective to customer relations.

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