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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buses and Trains and Planes, Oh My!

Once you have decided the places you want to visit, the next step is to decide how you will travel from one place to the other. Will you stay in one place and visit everything in a radius around the central point? We did that on a four day stay in Amsterdam. It was extremely convenient. We found a hotel near Central Station where all the buses, trains and trams were. We took the trams into the center of the city and trains into the surrounding countryside. I think we could have seen most of the Netherlands from that location.

If you are trekking over a greater distance, you will want to decide your stops along the way and make them convenient to the sights you want to see. Again look for locations where you might stay a few days and venture out from a central point. This makes for less packing and shuffling of baggage (that's what makes cruising so attractive--unpack/pack once). It also is less tiring if you can plan to stay in one place for a time before moving on again.

While you are mapping out your stops, remember to consider travel time. Google maps will help with driving times. Other sources would be plane and train schedules which can be found online with a little searching. Remember to allow for waiting times and possible delays. Better to end up arriving ahead of your planned schedule than later. You can always find something to do with the extra time--if only to nap.

When you have stops planned, you are ready to begin looking for places to spend the nights. Next I'll cover some ways to help you end up in comfortable and reasonably priced establishments. Are you dreaming of destinations yet?

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