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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Worship Thought

This Sunday, though away from church family, we are rejoicing with them as they bask in the excitement and joy of answered prayer. Here is a true miracle:

A young woman, the daughter of one of our church family, whose heart was giving out was put on the transplant list. To keep her alive, she had a heart pump installed and has lived the last few months with the pump helping her heart. A few days ago she received word that a heart was available and she was immediately scheduled for surgery.

A friend who “happened” to be on duty at the hospital and worked in anesthesiology decided to check the strength of her heart one more time before she went into surgery. This was not usually done because it is checked periodically during the waiting time. Her heart had been functioning at less than 15%. When they ran the test, they found her heart to be functioning at a better level than the one they would have given her.

The miracle continues. The surgeon attributed the healthier heart to the heart pump but when they turned it off for 20 minutes, her heart continued to beat normally! Surgery lies ahead to remove the heart pump and she will be monitored, I’m sure. But there is no removing the joy in our hearts at the miracle God provided.

“For with God, nothing is impossible!”

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