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Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Travel

It's happened. Summer has ended and Autumn has begun--at least for the northern hemisphere. The farther north you are, the more likely you are to enjoy what the new season brings. Crisp morning air greets you with the scent of apples, pumpkins, summer's discarded leaves and a hint of chrysanthemums. Even freshly cut grass smells different in the fall. With the season of stacked cornstalks, bales of hay, and decorative scarecrows scattered among the pumpkin fields and under the amber, orange, yellow, and red leaves comes the desire to get out on the road and absorb all the beautiful natural artwork.

It is probably a little late to plan a fall trip through the northeast as we did a few years back. Places to stay fill up quickly and their autumn is probably about to peak soon since it is a little earlier than other places in the country. But think about it for next year and start planning. With a little internet surfing, you can put together a great trip rather it is by land or by sea. Many of the major cruise lines offer fall cruises from New York up to Nova Scotia and to Montreal. Google "fall foliage tours" and you'll find a wealth of information.

This year there is still time to get out on the road in other states like Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, and parts of the midwest where the autumn colors are just beginning to turn. Be spontaneous and take a weekend trip to enjoy the season and be sure to get out and shuffle through some falling leaves.

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