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Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie Destination

Friday night is usually date night which means a light dinner and then a big bag of popcorn as we sit back and enjoy a movie on the big screen--or the little screen at home if the theater offerings are not to our liking. Many times we will choose a movie because of the location it was shot--Rome, Tuscany, Paris, London, etc. Although then it's hard to sit back and keep from saying, "Remember when we were there?"

Once in a while, there is a movie that inspires a just-gotta-see place to visit. Some scenes from Florence will have us wanting to revisit Italy since we've not gotten to that great city yet. Under the Tuscan Sun will have me wanting to revisit Tuscany.

Closer to home there are several movies that come to mind--"hand holders" as I like to call them or "chick flicks" as Bob refers to them. You've Got Mail might whet your appetite for Seattle or New York City or The Bridges of Madison County might send you out to Iowa to take in the covered bridges in Madison County.

There are movies that don't inspire quite as much. I'm not sure I want to see Dracula's castle although I hear the countryside is beautiful. I just wouldn't want to be out after dark.

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