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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Books For The Road - The Appeal

On my trip to Indianapolis this past weekend, I listened to the audio book, The Appeal by John Grisham. The story is a legal thriller in the Grisham style. A couple of small town attorneys win a big case against a chemical company that has been polluting the water system of the town causing illness and death. Of course the chemical company will appeal to the state supreme court so the owner of the company, Carl Trudeau, will make sure that first he stacks the court in his favor. He arranges for his candidate to run against the incumbant judge and win. The question I had as I read was will he overturn the verdict or follow true to form as he was groomed to do?

The story is good but at times seemed a bit bogged down with detailed legal analysis that might have been easier to read on a page than to listen to on a CD. Still, it kept me wanting to know more and to see how it would come out. One thing Grisham does with his legal stories is always make you think. After reading King Of Torts, I couldn't look at the TV ads for medical class action suits and not think about the book. This one has me reexamining who the groups are that are supporting our candidates in the upcoming election. And with all the corruption that has been uncovered in our county lately, voters really should know who's putting together the ads that we will be bombarded with from now until November.

I would suggest reading this one rather than listening to the audio but either way, you'll get a good story.

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