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Friday, September 03, 2010

Lost Not Found

Have you ever lost something while traveling? Most of us have. Thankfully the things we lost were not critical like medications. Bob once left a camera in the glove compartment of a rental car. And on another trip, we lost a pair of trousers. I suspect they were left hanging in the closet.

One of the easiest places to lose something is in that pocket of the airplane seat in front of you. Too often we grab stuff out of our carry on and pack it in there to use during flight. Not a good idea. Not only is there the chance of you leaving stuff behind, do you really want to stick your hand all the way in there and search around for your Ipod, or your phone, or your candy bar that you decided would taste good along the way? Who knows what might be lurking in there?

Here's a suggestion for you to help keep your things together and prevent them from being lost forever to that deep pocket. Get a ziploc gallon plastic bag. Now you can't use this for security but you can use it for those things you want to use while in the air. Before you board the plane, stick the things you want in easy reach in the bag, zip it, and keep it in the top of your carry on or tucked under your arm. When you find your seat, you'll spend less time getting organized and stowing your gear. And everything comes out of and goes back into that plastic bag as you use it. The bag is big enough to see the top of in the pocket to remind you that it's there (as long as you don't fold it over and tuck it down).

From what I understand, you won't be let back onto the airplane if you leave something behind and you'll have to rely on lost and found at the airport to hopefully recover your belongings. Most people don't have the time and/or never find it there.

Hope this has been helpful. Trust me, it only takes one time to leave a camera behind and you'll never put it in the wrong place again.


Adele said...

Lost and Found is one of our best friends. Devon works at a hotel and they keep things for about 6 months. After that its fair game. We have gotten some great finds. The book he is reading now might have come from there. Don't be shy about requesting your personal items back. I cant really imagine some of the things that people dont look for again.

Wandering Writer said...

When Bob discovered the camera gone, he was already on the plane headed home. By the time he landed and called the rental place the car was gone and so was the camera--for good.

Caroline said...

ooooh! I sat in my airplane seat yesterday, trying to find my eyeglass case. Yikes, How can anyone have them in your hand one minute and gone the next? LOL

I HATE losing things. I use ziplocks for things, but that's a great idea there, Karen. I'll have to try it.

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