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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Fishy Theme

This week seems to have taken on a fishy theme. Our Perch Fest began the week and I will be ending it with "fishing" for an agent and editor. So keeping all that in mind, here are some tips I found from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources about taking kids fishing.
  • Look for a place that offers the best chance for success and be sure to use the proper bait/lures for the fish common to the area.
  • Keep the tackle simple and easy to use.
  • Remember kids have a short attention span. Be patient-even more with the kids than on waiting for a fish to bite.
  • Don't plan a day trip on a boat if you fear the child may be prone to motion sickness.
  • And my favorite, "Even the smallest fish or a less desirable species is a 'trophy' to a kid if you make it one!"

Now if I can just get an editor to bite on my "bait."

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