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Monday, September 13, 2010

It's All About The Fish

A few years ago, we discovered a great festival in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. It's called the Great Lakes Perch Festival. While the festival is not large compared to some of the others running this time of year, its main attraction, the perch dinner, is just too good to pass up. The dinners are supplied by Bennett Fish whose sign read something to the effect that their fish were so fresh, they were just sleeping in Lake Erie yesterday.

This weekend marked the only Buckeye game we had tickets to so we couldn't get to the Perch Fest on Saturday. After a quick change into jeans after church, we drove out there on Sunday. Fairport Harbor's Lakeside Park is right on Lake Erie and has a nice sandy beach that I'm sure is wonderful in the summer. Sunday was a bit chilly since our area has cooled down considerably from the 90 degree temps we had this summer. Still, it is fun to sit and munch deep fried perch, french fries and cole slaw on a picnic bench with a view of the lake.

After satisfying our perch craving, we strolled along the beach a ways and then checked out the other booths at the festival. There was a fishing "pond" for kids and several outdoor activity vendors as well as a tent with a big screen TV for watching the weekend's football games. Many were other types of foods: pastry, fresh lemonade, candied apples, funnel cakes, some meaty treats for those who don't like fish, and the wonderful kettle corn booth that filled the air with the delicious smell of fresh popped corn. Yup, we couldn't resist and very little of it made it all the way home.

There is an old lighthouse and museum in Fairport Harbor worth exploring as well and the little town is an interesting place to meander through if you are looking for a little shopping experience. Some day we will have to visit when we have ample time to enjoy it all.

While Oktober Fests seem to be the most popular thing going around here this season, this little festival met our needs. After all, it is all about the fish.

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