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Monday, September 05, 2011

Travel Tools - The IPad 2

September is a big month in the Robbins' household. We celebrate a wedding anniversary (43 years this time) and my husband's birthday (not sayin'). So, we combined the two and decided to gift-give early in anticipation of a trip to Ireland. We have stopped toying with the idea of getting an IPad 2 and got one. By the time we leave for Ireland, we should be able to master the necessary functions of said IPad.

Bob has been diligently loading up on apps from his IPhone as well as new ones that work well on the IPad. We now have movies to watch in case the ones on the plane are some we've seen or don't care to see. A splitter will allow both of us to enjoy them with our headsets.

I've also convinced him that it's the way to go for his book reading needs. He's even loaded travel guides borrowed from the library. Of course those run out in 21 days so he'll have to download them again. Sure saves on having to carry those heave guides in a suitcase when you need to travel light.

Mail programs are set up and I've practiced typing on the IPad to see how difficult it will be to answer email with the "hunt and peck" technique. I haven't figured out how to type normally on the thing yet--if that's even possible.

As time goes by, and we experiment further, we may purchase a small keyboard to attach to the IPad and then I would be able to use it to write while we're traveling.

The thing is, the IPad is just the right display size, thin and lightweight, easy to learn to use, and certainly has enough memory (we only got the 32 GB) to do what we need while we travel. While I'll still be taking our little notebook with me for serious writing, it may not be long before the IPad replaces that altogether--that is if Bob shares nicely.


Carole L Robishaw said...

We were just looking at one on Saturday. Maybe someday, down the road a ways.

iPad In-Flight Magazines said...

I've just got my iPad 2, ready for an upcoming 16 hour non-stop flight!

Don't forget about all the airline in-flight magazines now available on the iPad. Great time-killers! :)

iPad In-Flight Magazines.

Wandering Writer said...

I did not know that the in-flight mags were available. Thanks for the info! Is there a link? How do we download them?

iPad In-Flight Magazines said...

I think the link broke in my last comment sorry!

If you click the user name in this comment you should find the info. Or if you go to http://ipadinflightmagazines.blogspot.com.

There's a listing of many different magazines and direct iTunes links to them. It does make them a lot more interesting with all the interactive features that are added!

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