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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Worship Thought

It's always difficult on a Sunday when you are on the road traveling and away from your regular worship time in your own church. This morning was no different in our time here in Ireland. We were up and away early to be able to make our next destination. Lord, it's your day. How and where can I worship?

Worship began shortly after breakfast at our B&B which was named Petra House. I wondered, was there any special meaning in that name for our hosts? I asked. The answer was softly spoken.

"Ah, yes. When we built our first house there was a huge rock that had to be moved to secure the foundation. Then, when we built this one, there was another rock. Petra means rock so we named our house Petra. It has been good for us."

On this rock, I will build my house. Build your house on rock not sand. Thank you, Lord.

Our major sightseeing stop this day was Kylemore Abbey in the Connemara area, Galway. It starts with a love story and ends with the castle being turned into an abbey for the Benedictine nuns. (I will post more later on what we saw.) We first walked the path to the small church. It was a quiet morning. Tour buses had not arrived yet and few people were on the path from the main building to the little chapel.

We heard a familiar songbird, a robin, and the sound of the wind stirring the autumn leaves still on the trees. The quiet made me think of the members of the convent walking to prayer--praying along the way. Huge mossy tree trunks were evidence that the forested area had been there a long time. How many prayers, Lord, have these old trees heard over the years?

Finally, inside the chapel was a beautiful stained glass window with five women representing the ideals of charity, faith, hope, chastity, and fortitude. Fortitude had a shield to protect her. Take up the shield of faith. My faith lies in you, Lord. I praise your name.

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