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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Travel Tools - Noise Cancelling Headsets

One of the absolute musts on my husband's travel list when we fly is his noise cancelling headset. He cannot stand the sound of the jet engine. Me, I kind of like to know it's still running. But there are times, especially on longer flights, when I like to tune out or tune in to the movie or other source of video/audio entertainment on board the flight.

We both have headsets. Bob's is a newer model and a little smaller than mine but not by much. They do give you a clear channel to listen to music or the movie or just nothing if you choose. There is still a little sound that gets in but I'm not convinced it's the sound or the knowledge that someone is talking to you. You do have to be careful that you don't miss the steward asking for your beverage choice. (After all, it's the only freebie left on the plane besides the air.)

There are other headsets besides Bose but Bose seems to get the best ratings and that's what we purchased several years ago to start with.

The only complaint I have with the headsets, besides having "headset hair" at the end of the flight, is that they make it more difficult to find a comfortable sleep position even with a collar pillow. And I have to take my earrings off or the posts bore into my head from the pressure of the headset.

If you have trouble coping with the engine noise or even the screaming babies sometimes found on flights, try the headsets. They do work for both.

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