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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Travel Tools - Collar Pillow

Undoubtedly you have seen these if you've done any flying lately. The collar pillow, as I call it, is a U-shaped pillow that fits around your neck and supports your head as you sleep sitting up. Now, that's assuming you are in coach and not in business or first class in which case, you can recline or fully recline depending upon the aircraft and the pillow is unnecessary.

Some of these pillows are soft and cuddly and others you inflate manually (or should that read inflate by mouth?) We tried the inflatable ones and Bob still uses his. Mine developed a leak and I had to keep reinflating it. I gave up because, even inflated, it was not the most comfortable thing for me to sleep on. He likes his though but then he can sleep through most anything in any position--even standing up, we learned.

Here are some of the pillows mentioned recently in a travel forum that people seemed to like:

The JetRest (sells for 9.95 pounds which would be around $15 USD)

A Touch of Satin (a little pricey at $45 but the woman swore by it)

Hedbed (This one's inflatable but looks good at $12.99)

TravelRest (This one is inflatible and doesn't look comfortable to me but it's got lots of fans. Also a little pricey, I think, at $26.99 plus $12.99 for a cover.)

One suggested a girlfriend was best but. . .

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