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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dublin -- At Last!

After two days delay and one very rough night bouncing around Hurricane Katia, we arrived in Dublin. Bleary-eyed and tired, we made our way through immigration and customs. When the immigration officer heard we would be driving through Ireland, he got an Irish twinkle in his eye and said, "Best be drivin' on the left side, ye know."

Dick, Bob's brother, and his wife met us at the airport in the rental car. Dick had hoped to get experience in less crowded conditions than when they had first arrived. Bob, the more experienced with left-sided driving, was originally to get the car first. Dick was immersed quickly and during rush hour traffic when he arrived. The side mirrors were still intact though so he had done well.

We ventured on to our B&B in Howth just outside Dublin--not the one we'd planned on however. When Dick and Polly arrived, the originaly booking told them they had mistakenly overbooked and he sent them to another who could accommodate us. Not our first choice but the compensation was that the hostess was extremely friendly and gave us lots of background on the area and the people.

After a quick refreshing face wash and tooth bruhsing, we took off for the DART, the train into Dublin from Howth. At last we were in Dublin, our first stop on our 28 day--make that 26 day journey through Ireland. How were we going to condense two days worth of sightseeing plans into one?

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