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Monday, January 21, 2013

Books For The Road - Borrowing with Windows 8

Loving my new Surface RT with Windows 8. It works as a tablet and mini computer. I'm still learning all the ins and outs. At the speed that I learn technology, the next new thing will be old before I have all of this conquered.

On the road though, I suddenly realized the books I'd borrowed from the e-library at home hadn't transferred properly to my Nook. Since I didn't have my laptop with me (it's too heavy to lug anymore thus the Surface tablet) I thought I was going to have to spend more of my book budget to get some decent reading material.

Desparate to find a way to download books from the library, I went to the library's site to try to download to my Kindle app. The library's digital homepage had the answer staring me right in the face. It's called Overdrive. The app is readily available in the Windows 8 app store and/or pops up as an option for where to save/open the book you want.

While I still prefer reading on my Nook with its special glare-free screen, this was a great alternative. The Overdrive app allows you to change the page color from white to black or sepia. You can adjust the font size. It displays the book covers nicely in the library screen. It's a little slow sometimes in turning the page but that's mostly between chapters where it seems to want to download the next one.

It allows you to add bookmarks but if it allows note taking, I haven't found the right button yet. That's not a big feature to me. I just want the ability to be able to read borrowed books while we travel and this was a great answer to the problem.

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