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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flat Stanley - Seattle to Cleveland

Just before noon in Seattle, it was time to say goodbye to the Seattle Robbins and travel with Grandma and Grandpa back to Cleveland, OH. Stanley was a bit confused. If it was noon in Seattle, it was three o'clock in Cleveland! Would we eat lunch on Seattle time or Cleveland time?

Not to worry. We ate lunch just before boarding the plane and took sandwiches along to eat on the plane later when we got hungry again. It was a little over four hours to fly to Dulles Airport near Washington, DC. Wait! Said Stanley. I thought we were going to Cleveland.

Stanley was learning that air lines have weird ways of scheduling flights. We would fly  for over four hours past Cleveland to Dulles, wait for an hour and then fly for an hour back to Cleveland. He fit snugly into the seat pocket and had a good seat when it came time to eat again.

As we circled to land in Cleveland, the announcement was made that the temperature was 8 degrees F. I think I saw Stanley shiver as he contemplated how cold Seattle had been and this was even. . .well, how quickly might he freeze being so flat?

Tucked away in a warm backpack, Stanley made it home by midnight, Cleveland time. It was only nine o'clock in Seattle. Still everyone was tired enough to want to go to bed.

Would it be any warmer tomorrow?

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