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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cruising Medal Awarded

Who knew you could earn a medal for cruising? Any good Holland America Line mariner does. The cruise line, as all others do, offers perks for faithful cruisers and eventually you can earn such things as free laundry, discounts in the gift shop spa, and lounges, special gatherings on board ship, internet minutes, etc. But Holland America is the only line I know of that offers a medal as well.

We were surprised to receive an invitation to a special cocktail party where Mariners would be awarded medals for their cruising history. Neither of us had counted our days at sea aboard HAL ships. We just knew we were three stars (it said so on our sea card) and didn't qualify for the free laundry perk yet. That takes four stars. So we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we had earned a bronze medal for our faithfulness in cruising HAL. Actually if we were truly faithful only to HAL, we would probably be offered the keys to the ship but alas, we like variety in our cruising.

So what did it take to qualify? If you have cruised at least 100 days with HAL, you earn the Bronze Medallion. The Silver Medallion takes 300 days, the Gold, 500, and the Platinum (which was very pretty), 700 or more days. We did see several Platinum Medallions and in our Cruise Critic group of friends, we were sailing with a couple who had accumulated 1300 days of cruising with HAL. Now that's loyalty!

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