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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flat Stanley - The Travelin' Man

Flat Stanley is a character known and loved by many. In his original book written over 45 years ago, Jeff Brown told the story of Stanley Lambchop who was unfortunately flattened in the middle of the night by a large bulletin board that fell on him. It wasn't such a bad thing after all as it enabled Stanley to travel in unusual and unique ways--slipping under doors, flying like a kite, and even traveling by mail inside an envelope.

That's how Stanley arrived during our stay with our Seattle grands last week--in an envelope! Our granddaughter from Columbus sent Stanley so he could catch up with us and visit some of the places we were going in the next month or so. Her class was participating in a Stanley adventure that would include all of the children making a Flat Stanley and asking relatives or friends living out of town to take Stanley around their community and send back pictures and information of what Stanley saw and did.

Stanley fits snuggly into my backpack and we have had him visit several places around Seattle before we take him home to visit our community. Over the next few weeks, I'll update Stanley's adventures with us. Come along and join in the fun with Flat Stanley, the Travelin' Man!

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