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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Late Christmas In Florida

On our way to our World Cruise we arrive early for a few days with our Florida kids. We've brought our Christmas gifts instead of sending them on ahead. By now the excitement of Christmas and all the new things Santa brought are probably waning so we will stir the waters again. It's a grandparent's privilege. 

We have spent a few Christmas times there before some holiday cruises and it has always been a treat to experience a warm Christmas or if the weather changes, a cool Christmas. There is still snow as this old post from a Christmas past shows. So as you read, we will be enjoying our grandkids and another opportunity to celebrate Christmas.

December 2009

Please indulge a grandmother today. Our son, Rob, who manages the CALL FM stations in Florida made an annoucement to run on the station for the city of Clewiston and their Winter Wonderland event coming up next weekend. Caleb is only four but he did a great job with Dad's coaching (and some editing). I used the audio clip on a video I took at the Homestead festival last year. This is how they make snow in Florida. The kids love it!

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