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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

World Cruise - Cartagena, Columbia

When we began to book our excursions, we had to make some choices based on saving money. Since we’d been to Cartagena several times before, we opted out of any excursions. We had hoped that there might be a shuttle to the entrance to the old town area but there was no such luck. The shuttle took passengers to the cruise terminal gate which was a short distance from the ship. The reason for the shuttle was merely a matter of safety as we were docked in a container shipping area and it would have been hazardous to walk any distance from the ship.

We were comfortable with staying on the ship for the day. Somehow our first week just seemed really too busy. Too many people to meet, too many welcome parties, too many activities to do. It reminded me a lot of the first time we cruised and tried to do everything on the schedule. We came home exhausted.

Statue of Virgin Mary in harbor.
Instead of touring, we enjoyed the paddle tennis, the pool, and the lounge chairs and relaxed. We met up for lunch (Oh, did you think we were together all day?) and returned to our activities for the afternoon, paddle tennis and reading.

Three in the afternoon was sail away time and we enjoyed standing out on the Promenade Deck and watching the ship move away from the dock to the strains of “It’s a Wonderful World.” I think by the end of three months, we’ll know all the words.

Our evening began early and we enjoyed a beverage in the Palm Court which is at the front and near top deck of the ship. The sun was getting lower in the sky and shimmering on the water. I turned to Bob and smiled. “This is what I signed on for.”

A little later, we were in the Pulse Lounge (the disco on board which we’ll probably never enter for dancing) to watch a magic show. The Magic Castle in Los Angeles has provided a magician for each segment of the cruise and the shows are only for 25 people at a time. It is close up slight of hand and is fascinating. In deference to our grandson who says there is no such thing as magic, we can only call this slight of hand. But very entertaining.

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