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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

World Cruise - Preparing Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

Christmas is past, the New Year's celebration is over and fast approaching is our sail date for our 108 day world cruise. Since we spent Christmas in Japan, we didn't decorate much so there isn't a lot to pack up and store away but getting the house in order will require a few more preparations.

Our fish-sitters are lined up, one to come weekly to keep the algae growth from taking over the tank and check to make sure the there are no malfunctions in the equipment that keeps our salt water tank residents happy and another, professional, to come biweekly to do a water exchange and check the salt levels, etc. We did consider draining the tank getting rid of the fish and starting over on our return but those big fish eyes all lined up and looked at us pitifully and we gave in. Besides, bottom line was that it would have cost the same or more to start over.

The next challenge of course is the mail which is taken care of with a rented P.O. box to which we will forward our mail and a friend will visit weekly when he checks on our fish. He's a great guy and has even agreed to flush our toilets occasionally as well as run water in the sinks and tubs to be sure the traps don't dry out.

Of course we will also check in with our police department who will help the neighbors keep a watch on the house. They do a great job as well.

But one of the greatest challenges will be emptying the refrigerator and the cupboards of things that will spoil or go stale in the almost four months we'll be gone. We may be eating some unusual meals and I certainly don't want to buy a quantity of anything and have to throw it out before we leave. I'm thinking it may be a good excuse for eating out those last few days before we fly south. Bob will have to be prepared to hear, "Honey, the cupboard is bare."

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