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Saturday, January 31, 2015

World Cruise - A Sunday at Sea

It was a Sunday to remember for sure. We began the day with church services after breakfast. We’ve become Lutherans for the cruise but Ed Voorsen is very personable and makes all faiths feel welcome. He’s a great guitarist, amazing historian for hymns and has a wife, Ruth, who plays a beautiful flute to accompany his guitar while we sing. We’re also getting together whenever we can for singing and Bible study. Pastor Ed has to compete with the Rabbi on board for the space in the Saloon where we meet. Bob’s been to one of the Rapping With The Rabbi sessions and enjoyed that too.

As a celebration of our World Cruise, Crystal arranged for a themed day. At midday there was a Paris-themed brunch buffet in the main atrium with all sorts of decorations including the Ark De Triumph and the Eiffel Tower. Cabaret singers belted French songs while guests filled their plates with all sorts of food. We went as light as possible knowing that dinner would be special as well.

Our afternoon was spent with paddle tennis, writing, reading and getting some walking in and the day passed quickly. All the days seem to be passing quickly which was exactly what I feared. We waited two years for this cruise and it seems to be flying by all ready. 

We took time out for tea in the afternoon since we were told of a special visit from King Neptune and his wife. They proclaimed safe passage for all Pollywogs on board the ship. A Pollywog is someone who has never crossed the equator before. It was estimated that we would cross around 2 AM. We weren’t staying up for it.
Dinner was excellent. Anytime Bob and I can enjoy perfectly cooked rack of lamb it is a treat. But the biggest treat was yet to come. Crystal had prepared a special evening of music by the artist Edith Piaf. Her music was performed mainly by Christine Andreas and Martin Silvestri. The orchestra and string quartet were combined to accompany the songs. The staging was spectacular and the bits of history that were presented all lent to a perfect combination of song, dance, and music. Let me tell you, Christine Andreas has a glorious voice. While we felt privileged to hear this special evening’s presentation, it was sad to know that it will not be continued as a regular production for Crystal. It was a wonderful show and will not be forgotten.

A couple of turns around the Promenade Deck finished our day and we turned in for the night eager to see what the next day would hold.

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